Understanding your unique Soul Steps through Quantum Transformation and Reiki can help you to love and respect yourself in ways that can regenerate new life force and gently heal the scars of interacting with life in it’s more difficult forms. This understanding can:

  • Help you become grounded to begin living in your own physical body, not just in the mind.
  • Help you to understand and balance emotions.
  • Help you identify and work with emotional trauma, rage, fear and sadness, sometimes remembered, sometimes hidden in past memory. According to current medical research, memories are recorded biochemically in the physical cells and can cause illness and disease if original trauma is not healed. Such experiences are part of our individual truth and can be released and balanced.
  • Help you release old thought patterns and beliefs that no longer fit the journey or hold truth for you. These often remain in the brain and emotional pathways long after they are useful and cause hidden guilt and pain.
  • Help you clear unhealthy bioenergetic patterns that control body systems and interfere with normal healthy system interactions.
  • Help you regress into the womb to clear fetal development that may have locked your emotional patterns into your mother’s or father’s personal issues.
  • Help you heal yourself by releasing trauma and pain from accidents or difficult situations in which you were physically injured.
  • Help you become more self aware and conscious of the choices you make and the deeper reasons for these choices.

Soul Steps, through quantum work, can help build an integrated, coherent field of energy – a healthy, balanced individual.